Our mission is to be the world's premier Organic products company focused on supply of Organic bulk Ingredients. We seek to provide opportunities for growth and enrichment for our employees, our business partners and the communities in which we operate. In everything we do, we strive for honesty, fairness and integrity. Going on the principle of sustainability, we believe that it is our responsibility to continually improve in all aspects and create a better tomorrow.

In our journey of progress, we want to grow with consciousness.

  • We want to be conscious to deliver healthy and pure products to our customers' the world over at their door steps.
  • We want to be conscious towards our environment and use the resources properly.
  • We want to be conscious to the needs of our employees by giving them a safe and healthy working environment.
  • We want to work efficiently so that there is no wastage of resources, our member farmers get the best returns and we continue improving our infrastructure to benefit our staff and workers.
  • We want to continuously keep on contributing to our society by responsible corporate working and sharing the benefits of economy with them.

Our Growth plan is to-

  • Produce and promote Organic Food products.
  • Facilitate hassel free and Just-in-Time deliveries to the customers.
  • Ensure a rational sustainable management of earth's natural resources.
  • Endeavour to shift conventional agriculture practices to organic farming and food processing by providing financial, technical, and marketing support to the farmers for this purpose.
  • Have uncompromising and stringent quality control norms.
  • Ensure that everything produced and promoted by Pure Life is completely organic and certified according to different standards by renowned Certification Bodies like ECOCERT, France, and other international certifying agencies like Lacon, CUC, Onecert etc.
  • Continue increasing the product offering.
  • Be the one stop solution for the product categories we develop.
Organic extra light sugar

The Pure Life Group was formed in January 2006, with the sole object of delivering pure and healthy products to people all around the world. Today it is a renowned brand in the organic industry for supply of Organic bulk ingredients. We have various product categories like sweeteners, starches, coconut and animal feed. Sweeteners are the core of our product category and sugar is the main product in the category. We started with a modest beginning in 2008 by exporting few metric tons of organic sugar to Europe from India. Our aim is not to become exporters of limited reach but the local supplier of customers worldwide. Our operations span globally wherein we ensure that we make hassle-free doorstep deliveries. Today we deal in thousands of metric tons of Organic sugar which caters to the requirements of clients in more than 10 countries of EU, most of USA, Israel and Australia. Customer satisfaction, benefits to our farmers, service, quality, integrity and sustainability, a hassle free supply, just-in-time deliveries, justified margins are some of our core values.

It is Pure Life's drive and passion for a healthier and purer life that keeps us dedicated to the production of world-class Organic products. Our mission keeps us aligned in our marketing efforts which have shown spectacular results and we see an increasing trend of repeat orders from our clients from all over the world. Our brand-building phase is continuously on; and the sustainable & consistent approach has yielded good results.

With the demand for our sugar on a constant rise, we turned our eyes to increasing our production base as well. Thus foraying into Mozambique where we would be producing more than 100,000 MT organic sugar by 2019 – of all the various grades of sugar that one can ever imagine – for both the bulk and the retail industry. Some of the grades of sugar that we would be producing in our Mozambican project are White, Golden, Extra Light, Raw, Demerara, Turbinado, Powdered, Large Grain AA and Cubes.

At Pure Life, we don't believe in having the 'conventional' sell-and-buy relationship with our customers. We believe in vendor development, we believe in sustainability, consistency of efforts and quality thereof, personalized services to clients irrespective of time zones and in building relationships which are beyond cultures.

To put it succinctly – we are supply chain people; and hence tend to deeply involve ourselves at the grass root level. We engage ourselves in closely monitoring the produce right from soil preparation and overseeing the farm practices to critically observing and evaluating every step of the production processing which is monitored by our team of technical experts. Additionally, practices for the benefit of the farming community are also undertaken. Going a step further, we have done a forward vertical integration by forming a logistics company which ensures that the goods are transported in the best possible manner even to the clients with small requirements.

We have Organic Food and feed projects in India, Vietnam, Mozambique and Latin America. Our upcoming project areas are Tanzania and Swaziland. Our massive reach across various projects gives us a wide diversity in our product offering and also backups in terms of product availability. The customers have a choice to enjoy the taste and profile of different origins like for example, our coconut project exists both in India and Vietnam.

All our processing facilities are certified with all the vital standards like, organic, GMP, HACCP, food & feed safety, social responsibility or Kosher and Halal.

Organic extra light sugar

In our endeavor to be the local supplier of organic Bulk Ingredients for our customers worldwide, we have developed our base at various locations. From the beginning, at Pure Life we have believed in supplying the market with products it requires rather than trying to sell the products that we are able to produce. The driving force which propels us to this is our ideal of serving our clients with nothing but the best. Every new market or product developed by us is the result of extensive market analysis, studying its actual needs coupled with huge investment of money, time and miscellaneous resources in developing organic products which can cater to the actual requirements of the various markets.

We started our first project in India where our production of organic sugar and allied products began. After strenuous efforts, today we stand at the number one position of selling Indian Organic Sugar all across the globe. We are one of the limited suppliers of organic Alcohol, rectified spirit and molasses in the world. Our head office is in Dubai.

Our first exports were to Europe and as we have spread our wings in the EU, with offices in the Netherlands, Malta, UK; it enabled us to serve clients of various countries at ease. Our stocking option of maintaining inventory in Antwerp, Germany, The Netherlands or Spain overcomes all the barriers of being an outside entity. Since the beginning it was our goal to have the deepest level of penetration in all the markets. Going further with this goal we have starting forming our base in the US wherein the chain of our local distributors, agents and brokers are giving the best possible services to the varied clientele of this prospering country.

Our reach has been on a continuous rise. Our customer base is spread all across Europe, Canada, US, New Zealand, Israel, Australia and Korea. Japan, Malaysia, China etc. are some of our upcoming markets.

Pure Life has its farmer group in various parts of India, Vietnam, China and Thailand for sourcing internationally certified organic products. Our product offerings are also increasing day by day. We supply a range of sweeteners, starches, maltodextrin, coconut products and high energy feed ingredients.

Pure Life's head office in Dubai has subsidiary companies and representations in India, Malta, Germany, Italy, France, London, United States of America, China and Vietnam.

In Africa, Pure Diets Mozambique SA is a fully Pure Life owned project of 11,000 hectares where we are carrying out organic farming activities, and would produce, promote, trade and export organic products, mainly raw and refined sugar, yellow maize, soya beans, and their derivative. It is a dream project where we are generating massive opportunities both for the company and the local community.

Organic extra light sugar

Pure Life is a peoples' company. It is driven by the aim to contribute to the community and the people it works with, whether directly or indirectly. It is the company's continuous endeavor to promote the concept of sustainability. For Pure Life, 'Organic' is not just a concept, it means actually living the true meaning of being an organically certified company as it evolves and progresses every moment.

We are providing supreme quality Organic Products across the Globe by fulfilling particular standards according to different regions & simultaneously striving to increase our portfolio and offer as many healthy organic products to customers worldwide. At the same time we focus on minimizing the cost which helps in maintaining a long term relationship with clients.

What makes Pure Life unique as a company is that it manages the entire supply chain, starting right from the soil preparation level through to the final delivery under its own strict surveillance ensuring that the best quality product reaches the customer. To make this possible, Pure Life has given employment to huge number of people across the globe working on its projects for sugar in India, tapioca & coconut in Vietnam, soybeans from China, and a fully-owned project in Mozambique spread across 10,000 hectares of land wherein an entire city is being built by Pure Life, generating massive growth opportunities not only for the people who are working at Pure Life Mozambique, but to the entire country itself. The company is constructing roads, establishing housing facilities, schools, hospitals, shopping complex and a world-class infrastructure for the people there.

Pure Life has always been conscious towards the people whom it considers as its 'partners' – irrespective of their level in the organization. Every employee after completion of 3 years in the company is entitled to its shares and dividends.

Pure Life is conscious about the fact that the farmers, the producers of food, should be given a fair share for their hard-work. The company shares the premium of its sales with each and every farmer. Apart from that, Pure Life's 10000+ farmers are supported with very subsidized organic inputs including specially activated press mud, bio-fertilizers and organic soil mobilizers and technical help from our team.

With rigorous research on organic practices and direct involvement with farmers for more than 8 years now, Pure Life has evolved as a pioneer in the organic Industry. The result of perseverance in this field is a 'team of experts' who are involved at the grass root level.

Our Sugar project in India is Fair-trade certified. The Fair-trade premium earned by the farmer societies is used by them for the betterment of the societies by ways such as purchase of organic inputs, loans for farming equipment, building schools or other infrastructural related basic needs.

Our core value of living and working with consciousness keeps us enlightened to grow and progress with complete harmony. We follow the 10 principles of Corporate Social Highlighted by the UNGC. It keeps us balanced, gives us poise in our economization process and leads to overall sustainability both of our organization and the society in general.

We are fully engaged and are innovating every day. As part of this process, we study the sustainability activities of others inside and out of our markets. We want to maintain a balance between economy, happy employees, healthy environment and community development. We are carrying out programs which contributes in sustainability in terms of the way we produce our products, in the way our products are available today and in future to our customers. We continuously strive to develop the communities in which we are working by ways of massive investments and finally we ensure that in all our endeavours we have the positive environmental impact; Our Organic mission does wonders in this regard.

Organic extra light sugar

Working with farmers is our passion. It gives us immense satisfaction to see our farmers worldwide growing and living a good life. Our Fairtrade movement started with the Organic sugar project in India.The organic movement in the Southern part of India yielded very well for our farmers. Taking a further leap in this regard, we started organizing our farmers into cooperative societies for getting them fairtrade certified. This movement has transformed the lives of our farmers. We have witnessed massive upliftment in the general living standards of the members of the coop.

Taking a cue from our Fairtrade sugar project, we are now progressing to organise our coconut farmers too under the ambit of Fairtrade certified cooperatives. We are also working to get our Vietnam projects of Tapioca and coconut Fairtrade Certified too.

With Fair-trade certification, the farmers are formed into societies in which there is no discrimination on grounds of religion/caste/sex etc. All people live in harmony in the villages and everyone works together for taking up developmental activities in the village. They celebrate festivals and fairs in the village collectively irrespective of their religious beliefs. It is interesting to see people living together and enjoying life within the available resources. Fair-trade is changing the lives of these farmers for the better.

Fair Trade is a partnership based on dialogue, transparency and respect that seeks greater equity in international trade. We truly endorse this philosophy. Fair Trade principles help hard working Farmers to have better lives by guaranteeing that they work in favorable conditions and are paid equitable prices for their products.

When you see the Fair Trade Certified label on a Pure Life product, it's a guarantee that it was produced and traded in accordance with strict international Fair Trade standards, including the use of sustainable farming practices. Right now we are certified by FLO Cert and Fairtrade USA.

Organic extra light sugar

Pradeep Mathur I Managing Director dynamic

Mr. Pradeep Mathur holds a Management Degree (MBA) in Finance and is the Managing Director of the Pure Life Group. He brings with him nearly 20 years of experience in running a Business. His strong marketing skills and rich experience in managing the Organic Business has given a phenomenal growth to the organization.

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He plays an active role in setting up the culture along with developing strategy and direction, leading the senior management of the company, managing financial and physical resources, developing organic farming projects in India, Vietnam, Iran, Bangladesh, and Mozambique. Creating new product ranges which are yet to be produced organically, setting up agents and office network in various countries including India, Vietnam, Mozambique, Malta, Netherlands, Sweden, U.K, Spain, France, Italy, USA, Costa Rica, Israel are some of his key responsibilities. Currently he is working on setting up of a sugar mill in Mozambique and also agent offices in Canada, New Zealand and South Korea.

He is an opportunist, because of this he believes in rapid expansion and diversification. His vision is to make Pure Life group a multibillion dollar organization by continuous additions of product lines and make the company a one stop solution for various product categories. He believes in the philosophy of marketing rather than sales. Identification of products and ideas which will benefit customers is his mantra. His believes in putting in the best efforts in the backend first and develop a product which would suit the market's requirements rather than just selling what is available. This strategy is tried and tested. The Pure Life group will continue to work on these lines to give what is required, rather than sell what is available.

He plays an active role in the organization by leading via example. His exemplary leadership skills and out of the box thinking has led the employees to work with full dedication. This has a major impact on employee motivation due to which they are committed to give their 100%. Quick decision making, skills with people, grit & confidence, delegation, humorous & tolerant nature, being available, modern outlook, tech savvy, placing trust in the employees, giving equal opportunity, team playing, rewarding on the basis of merit, participative management style are some of his key characteristics which are playing a pivotal role in taking the organization ahead with an outstanding pace.


Manisha Mathur I Director

Manisha Mathur, Director of Pure Life Group, holds a degree in BA Political Science with a Masters in Journalism & Mass Communications. She was appointed as the Director of the Pure Life Group in the year 2006. She has excellent communication skills and an ability to develop and strengthen management teams in order to maximize the company's efficiency.

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Her responsibilities include heading the organic certification department of the Pure Life Group. She keeps herself updated with the various market trends and governmental regulations in order to keep the Group modernized with all the relevant certifications. Under her direction, we today boast of having the organic certifications for various regions like NOP, EU, and COR with Korean, JAS & Chinese standard's accreditation in pipeline. Our various projects have the best of certifications as far as food safety is concerned. It is ensured that all the processing units have other certifications like Kosher, Halal, and IFOAM. Fairtrade certification of the sugar project has done wonders to both the group as a whole and to the farmers. This all has happened because of her steadfast approach.

Besides certification, Manisha is also responsible for identification and implementation of business strategies, planning & directing the back-end work to achieve targets globally. She is also involved in policy making, planning and various organizational activities.

She carries with her the esteemed experience of editing English literature and creative writing skills. Hence all the company presentations and promotional contents are directed through her.

Manisha's methodical and organized style of working helps in effective system building in the company. Besides, she believes in working closely with the associates. Her patient attitude of running through the things in detail, and an approachable nature goes a long way in keeping the employees motivated at every level.


Bob Guidish I Sales Director, USA

Mr. Robert Guidish is responsible for the sales of organic ingredients in the US market. He is also involved in setting up and managing the broker network in the various US regions. Bob brings with him his long experience in the cocoa business. Hence he knows the chocolate industry through and through. He is very well versed with the importation and distribution procedure. He has put persistent efforts in understanding the trade and his drive of learning the back-end with full perfection gives him an edge to have discussions with the various departments of the clients.

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He is light hearted and easy to talk to having his own jovial ways of building long-lasting relationship and rapport with the clients. Bob is taking care of sales of all the Pure Life products including organic sugar, tapioca starch and coconut products. Coming from the conventional trade, he is ever willing to learn new things and thereby adjusting very well to the differences and nuances in the organic industry. His bond with important sweetener clients is a advantage for Pure Life.


Aart Jan Jonker I Benelux Sales Partner – Netherland

Mr. Aart Jan Jonker has 16 years of experience in sales and marketing. He is responsible for the sales efforts in the Benelux region i.e. Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. He carries with him his long experience of dealing in various sweeteners. Having traded in Chocolate, he knows the Cocoa trade in depth. Since cocoa and Chocolate Business are interrelated, it gives him valuable access to the sweetener buyers in our industry. Besides this, he has dealt with Coconut oil and animal feed ingredients too.

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Aart has worked hard to develop the Pure Life brand as a prominent name in his territory. He has touched almost all the clients in the sugar business and now is involved in developing a market in his area for the other Pure Life products.

He is also responsible for business promotion, market analysis and new client development. He is actively involved in organizing and participating in various Organic Trade exhibitions.

Sugar will always remain core to him and his contribution to the division is immense. He knows the in and out of Organics thoroughly and with his personalized touch, aggressive sales techniques, witty and humorous nature, prompt client servicing; he is very successful in giving an edge to Pure Life sales in the Benelux region. He can speak many languages including Dutch, English, Spanish and German. This gives him a wider exposure and market coverage.


Massimiliano Maran I Italian Sales Partner – Italy

Mr. Massimiliano Maran is our Italian sales partner with 14 years of experience in Sales and Marketing. His Intellectual bend of mind, superior interpersonal skills and high level of managerial ability gives him fast pace of growth in the organic industry. He is ambitious and it is his out of the box thinking capabilities due to which he been able to handle various Pure Life products like organic sugar, tapioca starch and syrup and coconut products with ease.

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Massimiliano has a technical background and he understands the products from the processing level. This certainly gives him the edge while carrying out business discussions.

He is an avid traveler and hence is always on the move developing relationship with the clients following avid face to face discussion. That is his inimitable mantra of success. In addition, Massimiliano also has an exposure to the French and Swizz markets as well since he has been in the organic industry ever since he started working. This definitely gives him the advantage and works out best for Pure Life.

Massimiliano specializes in market research and keeps himself abreast with various market trends. He is a knowledge source for the group bringing in the latest information of the industry. His immense contribution is helping enormously in tapping into the huge potential of the Italian market.


Mr P.K.Mathur I CEO, India

Mr. P.K. Mathur, a post-graduate in Arts, is the Chief Executive Officer for the Indian Operations of the Purelife Group. He is in charge of production and exports of organic sugar and also takes care of the operational support extended to the Purelife global projects. He brings with him a vast experience of 34 years in International Business and Operations out of which 14 years' experience was in a Birla Group Company, one of the most prestigious business groups of India, 9 years in ISEC which has been one of the largest exporters of sugar from India. He is associated with the Pure Life Group for the last five years. He has travelled all over the world and participated in several International Sugar Conferences organized by the International Sugar Organization, Kingsman Sugar and others.

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Mr Mathur has a knack for Operations and by achieving production shipment targets in the last three years, the company under his guidance has become the largest exporters of organic foods from India and has also been nominated for the top Exporter's Award by Apeda, Government of India's nodal agency controlling exports of organic foods. He plays a major role in overseeing operational matters related with various departments like shipping, international documentation, certification, quality, accounts and finance.

He is a very detail oriented individual, which is an apt personality trait for a person in Operations. Over all, he has the patience to handle cumbersome and procedural matters. He has a parental management style. He believes in giving appropriate training to the employees and ensuring that information is effectively communicated.



Mr P. Chandrasekaran is an M.Sc. in Sugarcane Technology with over 24 years of outstanding experience in Strategic Management, Production Operations, Commercial Large Scale Estate and Farm Management and HR / Industrial Relations in the sugar industry. He has expertise in managing the overall operations with focus on profitability and achievement of the organization's mission. His proven abilities in enhancing the Production Process Operations, optimizing Land usage as well as escalating productivity and operational efficiencies has been very beneficial for making the Group's dream project i.e. Mozambique grow at a rapid pace. He is successful in resolving critical problems and delivering on commitments. His enterprise, coupled with customer-focused and performance-driven leadership skills help in harnessing the diverse talents of his associates in achieve the set goals.

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As a part of strategic management he is involved in establishing annual targets in line with core organizational goals; developing operational budgets and ensuring adherence to the same along with conceptualizing & executing strategies and plans to ensure achievement of targets. He is also involved in developing production plans & schedules for achievement of targets as per pre-set parameters, monitoring crop management packages and practices right from land preparation up to harvest, identifying deficiencies and implementing timely corrective actions for attaining better crop production and yield parameters as per the set targets. Supervising and coordinating the effective maintenance of equipment & machinery related to land preparation and inter cultivation operations and transportations to ensure less downtime and availability of the stock are some of his other operational roles.

Since Mozambique is a 11,000 hectare project, appropriate estate management becomes extremely critical. For estate management, Mr. Chandrasekaran ensures the efficient utilization of available land on estates, employing proper soil conservation measures and environment protection. Also he is presently facilitating the implementation of automated systems for incorporation of reliable & timely plantation-related data to ensure enhanced productivity and consistent quality. Overall, his extreme dedication coupled with a go-getter attitude and vast experience in project management is yielding fantastic results to the most important and project of the Pure Life Group. His valuable contributions count a lot in taking the project ahead.


Manoj Kumar I Global Head – HR, Dubai UAE

He is an accomplished senior-level executive with more than 17+ years of Human Resource Management experience. With a B.Sc., PGDBM and a Master's degree in IT, he has complete Industrial understanding. His long experience in HRM has helped in building appropriate policies and systems in line with the management's vision of having a flat organization and giving autonomy plus a congenial environment to the employees.

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He has demonstrated excellence in various fields like re-engineering HR, human resource alignment with the business model, performance management (PMS), HRMIS, trainings, development and execution of HR policies, strategic HR, compensation and benefits, manpower planning, learning and development, recruitment and induction, employee engagement, payroll management, building leadership and performance along with culture building in sync with the organization business model. He believes in an HR model which is founded on the core values like engagement, empowerment and thrusting pride in the workforce so that they are connecting with the organizational Goals. He has played a pivotal role in developing a R&R (Reward and Reorganization) system to create a framework for recognizing and rewarding the contribution of individuals and teams and institutionalizing a culture of openness, transparency, competitiveness and merit. Manoj is continuously reviewing the industry standards and working out various remuneration policies for the different hierarchies. He regularly conducts studies of the existing industry practices. With so many projects, he has to maintain a balance between the various employees at different hierarchies. Additionally, he has to ensure occupational health and safety in mills. Also he keeps himself abreast with the various labour laws in different countries to ensure compliances across the projects globally.


Dr. Atul Pandit I Senior Production & Certification Manager – India

Dr. Atul Pandit a Ph.D. in Forestry from Kumaun University with a total experience of 10+ years in Organic Certification has contributed widely to the organization in sustaining the various organic projects of the group. His doctoral degree in agriculture, coupled with his in-depth understanding of how to do farm organically with the right inputs, produced or procured as cheaply as possible, for sustainable farming has contributed to the Group's confidence in having our own farms.

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His core competencies lie in getting the projects certified right from the farm level, to grower group, on to the processing units and the trading units involved. He carries with him the vast experience and in-depth understanding of various organic standards like EU, NOP, NPOP, COR, Korean, Chinese and JAS. He has worked at a senior position in a reputed certification body, which is an added asset for our group.

Atul is an energetic and vibrant individual who keeps his team motivated by effective training programs and delegating work. He keeps himself updated with the latest standards and ensures implementation at the required level in the organization.