Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to a business practice that involves participating in initiatives that benefit society. Pure life takes these words CSR very seriously. Our Managers consider this as a responsibility to fulfill the commitment to corporate purpose. We perform many activities such as trainings on organic farming, group insurance of site, donated one water cooler at Malaprabha and 10 lockers to employees of our plant for keeping their assets and a focus on quality of life improvement programs for employees and their families.

Pure Life Group believes in 6 core principles of CSR

  • Care for all Stakeholders
  • Ethical Functioning
  • Respect for Workers' Rights and Welfare
  • Respect for Human Rights
  • Respect for Environment
  • Activities for Social and Inclusive Development

Our aim is to carry out business activities that ensure the distribution of wealth and well-being of communities operating our businesses. As Purelife is a global organization so we have to act locally for CSR in our different regional projects. Here are some activities on our Mozambique project, which reveals the success story of pure life towards the betterment of human life. Such as construction of a primary school, Water is supplied through tanker as the water tank is in construction, Relocation of houses, Light facility to the community, Moamba to Magude - Main road repaired, Mcel telecommunication tower at our project, Transformer to provide electricity to farmers. The activities done by pure life plays vital role in the overall perception of a company, across emotional differentiating drivers such as a sense of trust, integrity, and contributing to a good cause.