Local Players

With our philosophy of 'Go Global, Play Local', we are realizing our vision of being the world's local supplier of organic Bulk Ingredients. The idea behind developing a three-tier marketing structure is to get the products delivered to the untapped markets or remote locations and have a deeper penetration. Our front end marketers in various parts of the world are engaged to maintain continuous dialogue with the clients in order to facilitate smooth transactions and offer benefits that can only be managed by having a local presence.

Foreign Destination & Warehousing:-

We have the ability to market to almost all the countries because of our extensive reach in the shape of foreign partners and staff, logistical networks and warehousing capabilities. We believe in servicing our customers globally following global standards.

"With our branch and sales offices in The Netherlands, Malta, UK, U.S., Spain. France along with warehouses in Antwerp, Germany, USA, Italy or Spain, we are vying to be the local suppliers to all our customers. Our endeavor is to cushion them from all the flip sides of exports or importation. We have fully owned subsidiaries in USA, the EU, Mozambique, Vietnam, Latin America and India with our head quarter based in Dubai.

We understand that Warehousing is an integral part of the supply chain management and hence we are open to establishing distribution centers near our clients. We ensure that all our warehouses have enough space to stores thousands of metric tons of our products and have the necessary equipment to handle deliveries during peak times or rush season. Before the goods are stacked at the facility, they are subjected to stringent inspections and quality checks; accordingly our goods are stored with clear instructions to the warehouse based on FIFO, turnover rate, color coding, etc. for easy retrieval and tracking. We also ensure that our warehouses are located in strategic locations in order to keep the transportation cost minimal.

Just in Time deliveries

With our Supply Chain Management strategies we are able to adopt the Just in Time principal. Our warehousing convenience relieves our clients of the worries associated with stock planning, holding stock and inventory planning. With free resources, time and efforts our clients are able to focus on their core areas.

"With competencies in in-house inventory planning, international logistics, customized packaging, importation, local destination warehouses and inland haulage provisions we are proficient to deliver duly custom cleared products to our clients at their door step in both big and small quantities."

"Our provision of just in time deliveries keeps us vigilant towards forward planning and systematic execution. We are on a relentless lookout to innovate and have customized a lot of services to suit the requirements of our customers."