Five thousand years of history have nourished the growth of a great civilization. It has been vitalized through cross-cultural contacts and characterized by unity in diversity. With a strong agrarian population, India is a nation undergoing significant political, economic, and social change, unfolding rapidly as one of the fastest growing economies of the world.

Sixteenth place in the global organic map today, but with 65% of the country's cropped area still remaining "organic by default," gives the country a huge potential for organic growth.

It is in this extraordinary land where our brand Pure Life was born 10 years ago, setting up several projects across the country to provide the world with a rich range of organic certified products from Sugar, Pulses and Spices to Fruit Purees, Coconut and Cocoa.

Our brand Pure Life has several tie ups with well recognized agricultural universities to provide technical support to the farmers. Pure Life staff organizes regular trainings at its project sites to ensure that the farmers are constantly in touch with the latest standards to be followed.

Financial support is extended through distribution of free organic agricultural inputs. Pure Life also takes special care to ensure quality by monitoring farm produce through processing and dispatch. A huge certification team exits within the organization both at the New Delhi office and at sight in the project area to ensure that the farmers follow organic activities.

Our project is in Dharwad district which is situated in the Western sector of North Karnataka. At present, the farmers are managed by M/S Pure Diets India Ltd, the Indian arm of the Pure Life Group. Some of the main organic crops of the Indian project are sugar cane, mango, coconut, paddy and soybeans. The processing of various products happens close-by, with organic sugar being the most important one. Besides this, virgin coconut oil and desiccated coconut are also available here. Pure Life has tied up with feed corporations to carry out advance studies on Animal Nutrition. The upcoming products from here would hence be high energy feed ingredients and pellets for dairy cows.

Pure Life has the maximum number of farmers in this project numbering to 7500. The farms are the most versatile and offer a long list to the group's product kitty. Our sugar cane project still stands as the most important project contributing the maximum revenue to the organization.

The farming activities are much diversified here and it is here that we started our Fairtrade project. The addition to the farmer base in the Indian project is on a constant rise and we endeavour to constantly deepen our reach here.

The Vietnam project is bourgeoning to become the second most important project for the group. Like the Indian Project, it is turning out to be our other anchorage, wherefrom we have broadened our product line. This is from where we are expanding our sweetener category by adding tapioca syrup, maltodextrin and rice syrup. Also our coconut product range has broadened thanks to the Vietnam project. We are now able to supply desiccated coconut, coconut milk, coconut cream, coconut powder, virgin coconut oil, copra oil and we are working on the development of coconut flour. A cashew project is in the pipeline and it would be in full throttle by mid-September 2014.

It is in this lush green country with nearly 80% of land under forest or mountains, that there is virgin organic land which is predominantly untouched by toxic chemicals. The word organic suits aptly here and the country in general is a reflection of freshness and divineness. The fertile soil and the ambient temperature conditions are ideal for our coconut and cassava plantations. More than 1000 small farmers have supported the Pure Life project which has become an important stable source of income for them compared to the volatility of their local source of income. The Pure Life project area covers around 2100 hectares and is managed by our local Vietnamese company, Pure Diets Vietnam Co. Ltd.

Our current offerings from here are Organic tapioca starch and a range of coconut products. We are working to develop the animal feed business from here with products like cassava chips, tapioca fiber pellets and kelp.

Overall, the Vietnam project is of great importance for us. We are working hard and expect to make great headway in the near future. It definitely will be one of the pivotal projects of the group.

Mozambique is endowed with rich and extensive natural resources. As the country's economy is based largely on agriculture. Eighty percent of the population in Mozambique is active in agriculture and fisheries. Of these, about 90% work is in the family farm sector. Usage of agricultural inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides is very low, or almost zero, making the land almost organic by nature.

It is a wonderful land full of opportunities & challenges. We, along with our project partners, have established another Pure Life sugar cane project here. This is a fully Pure Life-owned project where we would be carrying out our own farming and processing of various products like sugarcane, maize and soybean. Horticultural crops will also be grown.

Our project has generated massive employment opportunities and wealth for the local residents. Our sugar mill here would be of 3500 TCD to start with and we would be producing all the varieties of sugar here. We have joined hands with local partners as it allows us to stimulate and enhance farmers' entrepreneurial spirit by:

  • Improving accessibility to financial services that support farmers' projects.
  • We are able to undertake community development work like building schools, hospitals and transport facilities.
  • Spreading the best agricultural practices as well as building economically viable farmers' organizations.
  • Strengthening links between agricultural research and farming system developments.

The planned project area is of nearly 11000 hectares and to ensure cost-effective and effectual organic farming we are setting up our own farm manure and organic fertilizer unit. This way we will be able to ensure an increase the crop yield too.

Intending to be a one-stop solution for the products we deal in, coupled with our quest to offer the maximum range of healthy and nutritious products, we are constantly on a look out for new and viable areas to develop new projects. We aim to increase our range of organic products and that has got us exploring work with processing facilities and organizing new farmer groups in countries like Peru, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Swaziland, Zanzibar, and Tanzania.

Our experience in project development enables us to offer several core competencies to our clients in form of -

  • Product diversity
  • New solutions
  • Optimization
  • Reduction in cost
  • Offering same products of different taste and profile
  • Providing backups in case of crisis situations like change in government policies, natural calamities or other unforeseen contingencies
  • Control on quality and quantity