Supply Chain Management

At Pure Life, we are Supply Chain Managers that is to say that we handle the entire production right from the soil preparation level to the final dispatch of the goods to the end customers. Our working style is a typical example of hard core backward and forward vertical integration. We have our experts handling each level of the supply chain like market analysis, product development, R&D, soil preparation, farming, farmer dialogue forum, production, quality check, food safety, warehousing, dispatch and distribution. In short, we handle farm to fork operations.

The process starts with the Marketing Intelligence team scanning the market and identifying potential opportunities and trends. The management after performing feasibility tests start working on project development. The project development phase involves massive engagement of the Agriculture and Project team in interacting with farmers, soil testing, seeding, monitoring farming practicing, recording of relevant data for arranging inspections and audits by the Organic Certification Bodies, ensuring compliances of the standards etc. The farmland and the farming activity has to cross the Organic Transition phase and it's only after proper analysis of the crop and ensuring that it is absolutely healthy do we start the certification process.

Our production team regularly monitors the production from the perspective of all the standards like food safety, Quality Assurance, HACCP, GMP, Social aspects, Environment, OSH etc. These are some basic certification for us, for example we ensure that all our units have food safety certifications such as ISO 22000, HACCP, Kosher, and Halal if required. We are a socially conscious business entity and hence occupational safety and health, environment, community development and CSR are equally important facets for us. Right now we are ensuring that we follow the OHSAS guidelines for OSH and Environmental concerns. We take an extra step to ensure that we fully complying with the Legal laws as far as environmental impacts are concerned. Sustainability is central for us and we have separate teams ensuring that we are following the company's policy on sustainability for all the projects.

Once the goods are produced, we ensure that the same is stored in the best possible manner with appropriate pest control checks and systems. We have our own logistics company which is engaged in local transportation at the products' origins, it also arranges the ocean transits along with specializing in the inland haulage of the local import destination. Our market spans from EU, US to Israel, Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

As our marketing strategy we have tie-ups with local distributors and brokers. The 3-tier marketing strategy helps us to accomplish the goal of deeper penetration very successfully. We also believe in the concept of marketing and vendor development rather than one time sales. Our front-end marketing aficionados are in continuous touch with the customers to support them, understand their needs and give solutions in forms of economizing ingredient requirements, new packaging or development of new ingredients.

Our incessant approach is to have a holistic comprehension of business and boost operations by providing all-inclusive solutions. We believe greatly in this strategy and will continue to work on these lines in future too.

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From the beginning, at Pure Life we have believed in supplying the market with products they actually require, rather than trying to sell buyers products that we are able to produce. Our Product Development team continually scours the market for new products that we can develop and work on. Priority is given to additional products that we can develop from the agri products already existing on our product list. Product development is however not limited to this and R&D on new products is also taken up side-by-side.

Once a new product is approved, the Project Development team comes into action and looks for possible source countries in order to ensure the viability of the product for the company and buyers. Unlike product development for the conventional market, project development in the organic industry starts with the preparation of the soil. The Organic story starts all the way from the soil, through production, to storage and finally to shipping. Project development thus has a gestation period of three years before the land can be certified as 'Organic' only from the fourth harvest onward. During this period, the Pure Life project teams come into place to educate the farmers on the merits of giving up conventional farming methods and converting to organic farming. They are trained in the organic farming methods, helped in producing their own fertilizer and other farm inputs on the farm itself and assisted in tackling pestilence and other problems on-the-spot.

For farmers who are unwilling to make all their own ingredients, education on certified organic fertilizers and pest control inputs available in the market is also imparted. The stress is on sustainable organic farming – beneficial for the farmer and his land. Sustainability is the key to successful organic farming. It is the responsibility of our project development team to make sure that the upcoming projects and already-running projects are always in compliance with the organic standards under which they are certified. At the farm level, we have undertaken CSR initiatives by way of getting the farmers Fairtrade certified. The Fairtrade premium earned by the farmer societies is used by them for the betterment of their community, purchase of organic inputs, loans given by the societies for farming equipment, marriages and building houses.

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It is our desire to work with as many farmers as possible and fulfilling this mission, we have tied up with large number of farmers across our projects like sugarcane project of Karnataka, tapioca, cashew & coconut project in Vietnam, fully company-owned base in Mozambique spreads across 10,000 hectares of land is employing its own farmers for producing and processing various crops like sugar cane, cassava, soybean, chili, miscellaneous horticulture crops etc. Our Latin America project with development of chia seeds, agave and quinoa is also going on full throttle. We expect the certification of the Latin American projects to start in near future. Our high energy animal feed projects in Tanzania and Zanzibar, right now in R&D phase are simultaneously functioning.

The Project Development team scouts the identified area for farmers who are willing to take the plunge and convert to organic farming. Several education and training sessions go into bringing the required group of farmers together. Attempts are made to rope in the influential farmers in the community whose help is then taken to convince other farmers to join.

Complying with the organic standards and making a strong base by training the farmers.

Since most of the farmers are unaware that farming can even be done organically, many trainings are conducted purely to first convince them that organic is possible – without a loss in yield. It is explained to them that it actually leads to a better ecosystem, higher yields and a healthier environment for their crops and for themselves. It is only once the farmer base is big enough to sustain the project and ensure supplies that the Certification Team comes into the picture. Of course that may not always happen, and then Project Development needs to focus on a different set of farmers in a different area.

Pure Life has always focused on its certifications, and so we certify all our projects on a priority basis thus not only establishing evidence for dealing in Organic but to also match up to the International Standards for Global Trade.

Believing in solidifying the base always, at Pure Life we start at the ground level by educating the farmers. For today's farmers, after having had the luxury of using urea, once in a while indiscriminately spraying the field with pesticides, insecticides, weedicides, and then sitting back to see his crop flourish; hard work does not come easy. Adopting organic practices means making a hard choice: taking personal care of their fields, making the effort to remove weeds manually, preparing bio-pesticides, making bio-fertilizers, and increasing the frequency of spraying the fields. In short, laboring on the land and tending to the field.

Having managed organically our own 12-acre farms in India, as a trial during the infancy of the company, we appreciate the farmers' dilemma of wanting to opt for the tougher organic farming methods, but at the same time being daunted by the task they are getting themselves to undertake. And this is what makes us provide them with all kinds of technical, financial, moral and marketing support.

Our team of trained field officers is made up of sons of the soil and we are particular that they belong to the very same villages that they are assigned to. This not only eases our understanding of the village psyche, but also makes them comfortable in dealing with their own.

Our Field Officers are trained in imparting knowledge of organic farming. Their role is to interact with and help the farmers solve their everyday problems on the field. They also arrange and co-ordinate the trainings in organic practices and in Fairtrade practices given to the farmers by the Training Manager and FTO personnel respectively. The objective of the trainings - imparted up to five to six times a year depending on the requirement of the farmer group - being to enlighten the farmers on the benefits of organic farming. The trainings also clarify the organic manures permitted for use, elucidate on how to increase the yields using organic methods of pest and weed control, environmental concerns & impact, importance of rain water harvesting, and social issues like child labor, education for women and hygienic farm practices among others.

Financial support is provided by way of distributing free inputs during the first year of certification. And thereafter giving subsidized inputs on credit to the farmers.

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Our Organic farming base started in India where organic or natural farming practices of producing crops in harmony with nature is being followed from ancient times. So we are also following the same methods of farming system which is primarily aimed at cultivating the land and raising crops in such a way that keeps the soil alive and in good health. We cater to the Organic Ingredient requirements of our customers worldwide through the agricultural raw materials being directly sourced from our farms and processed under certified production units under own surveillance. We are the real manufacturers, by economizing on the Supply Chain operations, we are able to keep a check on our cost and thus we are able to pass on the benefits to our valuable customers.

Currently we deal in organic ingredients such as sugar, molasses, rectified spirit, desiccated coconut, virgin coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut cream, coconut water, and tapioca syrup and tapioca starch. Besides this, we are also producing specialized high energy feed ingredients.

To ensure that all the products are free of any kind of contamination, be it pesticides, weedicides, insecticides used at farms or while in storage, antibiotics or genetically modified seeds; Pure Life monitors the produce right from the farm, through to the production process in the factories.

At the processing facilities, we ensure that we are in firm control over the production. We safeguard that our production houses are up to date with all the standard of food/feed safety, Quality Assurance, GMP, Haccp, Kosher, Halal, CSR, OSH and complying with the Environmental laws. Our endeavor is to have an end product which is of International Standards and contributes to healthy lifestyle of people worldwide.

Our technical team in the processing units comprises of Chief Engineers, QA Managers, Food safety manager, Sustainability Head, Logistics Head, Purchase, Accounts & finance Managers. This group of experts are our key for producing the best products for our clients.

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"Quality is just not a concept for us; it is the core of our mission."

  • We have a strict testing protocol where the products are tested at various stages like at farm level, processing, stocking and final dispatch. This ensures best quality.
  • We have highly trained Internal Experts on our projects to perform quality evaluations at various stages required.
  • We do in-house testing as well as outsource the same from world renowned labs to maintain fool-proof quality.
  • We also use some of the most experienced audit companies to do independent inspections and thoroughly evaluate the food safety.
  • Our systems are developed to ensure full backward traceability which is the essence of organic production.

It is Pure Life's attempt to always try to meet the quality requirements of our buyers. This is done by conducting stringent quality checks at each and every step, starting from the adherence to organic methods at the farm level to the selection of the processing units and storage, to the bags/IBCs/drums and containers the goods are shipped in, right up to the marketing.

During production, samples are periodically drawn by third party surveyors from approved labs deputed at the processing facility by Pure Life. The samples are tested for Pol, ICUMSA, moisture, ash Content, microbiological status, pesticide residues and heavy metal residues.

Care is taken to confirm the quality of packaging – be it paper bags, 1 ton bulk bags, IBCs or drums. It is made sure that all the packaging material is brand new and of food grade quality only. We also ensure that they are made of virgin raw material. Additionally the shipping containers are inspected by third party inspectors for cleanliness and previous use.

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  • DMCC
  • PDIL
  • PLOF

The complexity of the organic certification pooled with the dynamics of international trade calls for an inbuilt mechanism of control and assurance. Therefore the crucial role of our Quality Assurance Department is to monitor every step of the organic chain, starting from the land where the seed is sown, to farmers growing the crop, harvesting, processing and handling facilities involved in delivering the products – throughout this process our team pledges that the organic status of the final product is maintained. We work closely with the certifiers at the time of- inspection, audit and for compliances of organic standards.

We are involved in 100% Organic certified products. Our systems, processes and products are certified by Organic Certification Agencies like Ecocert, Lacon, MCCAA, Onecert, Biocert, CUC and USOCA. Other certifications include Kosher, Halal, ISO 9001 & 22000, HACCP, GMP+, IFOAM, Biosuisse, COR, GMP Plus and Fairtrade.

Our Fair Trade Certification would guarantee that the farmers of our projects are paid a Fairtrade premium for the sugarcane, which allows them to improve the quality of the crop and the quality of their life as well. We are continuously striving to ensure that our farmers are genuinely happy.

Our upcoming certifications are FSSC 22000, SQF, BRC and OHSAS.

Food Safety Certification-

  • Despite rigorous measures being undertaken to ensure quality, food safety certifications cannot be given a go-by. For Pure Life certifications are not mere paper documentations to show the buyers, they are also guiding yardsticks for guaranteeing our quality as per international standards.
  • Non-compliances by agency auditors are acted upon and any faulty practices pointed out are corrected at the earliest possible. We constantly work at ensuring the production of a safe product.
  • For this our processing units attain and implement food safety certifications like ISO 22000:2005, HACCP, and GMP Plus. We follow GFSI Standards and are planning to take FSSC 22000 for our sugar unit very soon.
  • Given the number of certifications that we already abide by, we are open to all other certifications demanded by our buyers as well. We are aware that being open to all certifications also gives our products a valued competitive edge in the market.
  • The Pure Life Production and Quality Assurance Teams deputed to the mill undertakes the task of arranging trainings for factory staff for awareness of food safety rules. During production, our teams very religiously monitor observance of the same. We have assisted the production facilities we work with to put into place policies on HACCP, Health and Hygiene, no Jewellery, Glass breakage and metal detection to ensure the production of safe quality food.

Quality sells. That is a truism we understand very well at Pure Life. All our efforts are directed towards ensuring that quality does not get compromised at any stage or at any cost. Quality is of utmost importance for us.

The Pure Life Technical, Production and Quality Assurance representatives are deputed at the facilities for the sole purpose of monitoring the production, packaging, storage and dispatch of the product.

We have a Supplier Code and it is with this code we ensure that the packaging material is supplied by the vendors who fulfil the basic requirements of product safety, environment, OSH and CSR. We have a routine audit protocol for ensuring that our suppliers are complying with our procurement standards. Our buyers do have an ease of ordering as we are open to customized packaging requirements. A strong backend team for procurement does a fantastic job in coming up to the expectations of our huge client base spread all across.

All our packaging is accompanied by a food-grade lab report/ certificate from the supplier. Also we ensure that our packaging complies with the appropriate EU or USDA norms.

We strive that our Organic food is packed in reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable packaging whenever possible and it has minimal adverse impacts on the environment.

Our Quality Assurance team at the mill sites oversee the proper storage of packed goods. They also monitor the hygiene practices in the warehouse, ensuring proper cleaning prior to warehouse stuffing and also taking care of insects and pests. Our quarantine areas are strictly segregated and maintained to avoid any cross contamination.

We use organic pest control measures like herbal pesticides such as neem oil and asafoetida that are allowed by organic certification agencies mix every alternate day. Turmeric is sprinkled all along the walls of the go-downs and door entrances to keep the ants away. Rat traps are used to prevent the rodent menace. Containers are similarly inspected before loading for their cleanliness. The product is this loaded under the close supervision of our Quality Assurance team and third Party Surveyors.

All of these processes are documented in the form of reports and checklists and can be produced on demand.

Our Available Packaging's are : -

  • Multiply Paper Bag - 25kg, PP Bag - 50kg, Jumbo Bag - 1MT.
  • IBC-1000Ltr, Flexi Bag - 20-24MT, HDPE Drums - 210, 250, 290Ltr.
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Our Logistics management system ensure a smooth cruising of the goods from origin to the final usage point abiding by the various export and importation norms related to Organic, food safety, Bio terrorism norms etc. Our companies are all certified by FDA.

The logistics of Pure Life involves the integration of information flow, material handling, production, packaging, inventory, transportation, warehousing, local distribution and security. It is uniquely positioned to provide customers with the most comprehensive set of solutions available for all their logistical needs. Pure Life Logistics provides seamless supply-chain solutions to its clients. This is possible because the Group owns its own freight forwarding company. This definitely opens opportunities and ensures flexibility of operations.

Most of our clients don't have to burden themselves with the huge inventory carrying cost because our products are stored at prominent locations in various markets. Right now we have warehousing facilities in Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain and various states of USA. Moreover, our warehouses are located in strategic locations after careful evaluation of demand. We store the right quantities in order to meet the "Just In-Time" delivery requirements of our buyers. Among the other conveniences offered is not only shorter lead times, but customers can also do away with the hassles of cumbersome importing procedures and of maintaining huge inventories at their facilities. Our clients are very happy with this arrangement. This makes ordering easy for them and receiving the sugar in neatly palletized and shrink wrapped packaging maintains the freshness of the product.

Having our Logistic set up is again a drive infused in us because we want to deliver 'high level customer satisfaction.'

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We have a three-tier marketing structure which involves the front-line agents in the markets, middle-line partners of the marketing structure who are the big distributing arms and the backend support team acting as a link between the frontline and middle-line partners.

Our objective is to become 'Number 1' in whatever we do and for this we have established a marketing structure which allows us to penetrate deeply into the markets and have access to all the big and small customers. Pure Life frontiers are scattered across the European market, US, Israel, Korea and Australia who give personalized services to existing customers and explore the market for as many clients as available in their respective regions.

The marketing has so been strategized to ensure that Pure Life personalized services transcend language and cultural barriers. Front-line staff have extensive interaction with customers and some of the key benefits of having local associates are as follows-

  • Deeper market penetration by catering to both small and big clients.
  • Covering cultural barriers.
  • Covering the problems associated with difference in language.
  • Quicker service to clients by way of eliminating the problems associated with time differences.
  • Personalised services
  • Better understanding of the customer requirements, because face-to-face meetings are easily possible to convene.
  • First-hand market information is available thereby assisting in better Marketing Intelligence.
  • The local frontline partners can give better information about the competitor's activities.

The middle-line partners act as a link between front-line associates and the end customers. With their existing relationship with the large corporates in the food sector, they provide a great opportunity to cater to the big giants in the Industry.

For distribution of Sugar in Europe we have tied up with ED&F Man Sugars which is the largest sugar trader in the world at $8 billion sales every year. The tie up with ED&F Man Sugars has helped us in two ways – the first, in giving us access to the European market which has been known to them for decades; and the second in tapping into their logistical strength which enables us to be the local supplier for customers in the EU.

Royal Sugar and Pure Life are working closely to cater to the challenging needs of USA, this huge country where every state is in itself like a country. For those clients who want the 'Packed in USA' tag, we have 2 SQF level facilities on both the East and West Coasts. In both these facilities, we can repack the sugar for supply to these niche clients.

Some of the key benefits of associating with Middle-Line partners as follows-

  • They have in-depth knowledge of the market.
  • Already established good will. Our middle-line partners have a great reputation and are valued by the industry for their size and vintage.
  • They practice tried and tested systems of operations.
  • Logistical strength, thereby capitalizing on economies of scale.
  • They provide us with an excellent coverage in the market with great advantages - warehousing, handling commercials and payment collections.

The Indian team acts like the spine of the marketing structure by providing support to the front-line and middle-line members. Some of the work done by them is as under -

  • Identification of potential markets and new product development.
  • Expanding product category offering - The group is continuously striving to develop and expand its current product categories i.e. sweeteners, starches, coconut products and animal feed. The aim behind this is to be a one-stop solution for all the product categories the group deals in.
  • Support Services - The Indian Marketing team provides complete support to the front-line marketing team across the various sales offices located in Benelux, Italy, France, London, Switzerland, the Scandinavian region, US and Canada.
  • Disseminating information and coordination with operation departments (communicating internally) - The team is also responsible for disseminating market-related information to all the relevant departments like production, shipping, documentation, certification, QA and sampling.
  • Record keeping, report generation and trend analysis.
  • Business promotion and brand building by way of showcasing the brand in foreign exhibitions, making PowerPoint presentations on various company activities, videos, brochures, updating company websites, updating social networking sites and doing trade visits.
  • Client servicing – by communicating required information, getting customer questionnaires filled, relaying the appropriate documentation, certificates, helping in mock recalls of buyers, doing customer satisfaction surveys etc.
  • Buyer audits - handling plant audits of foreign buyers, coordinating for clearing non-conformities and providing timely support to both the buyer and internal departments.

Our aim is 100% customer satisfaction and we our team works passionately, consciously and smartly to achieve it.

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